8 DAYS | Worthy Makan Gifts Like Kueh Dadar & Nutella Babka From Home-Based Businesses For X’mas

By Joel Tan, 8 DAYS on 16 December 2020

t’s been a hell of a year, but one silver lining has been the flowering of home-based businesses selling all sorts of comforting, labour-intensive and delicious treats. Whether it’s for your year-end (socially-distanced!) party or a yummy edible gift for people you’ve only seen via Zoom for the past couple of months, we’ve curated some of the best home-made nosh worth ordering this holiday season.

Cai Ngoh Hiang & Sambal’s Pork and Prawn Ngoh Hiang

8 Days

If the thought of turkey and cranberry sauce is already making you yawn, Cai’s selection of ngoh hiang would make a pretty welcome change from the usual Christmas selection. It’s run by three siblings. Amanda, 32, who formerly worked in the travel industry, Irwin, 28, a former PA to an Indonesian CEO, and Charmaine 22, a freelance social media consultant. This family labour of love centres around a ngoh hiang recipe from their late grandma which takes an entire day to execute. In 2018, their gran taught Irwin how to make this family specialty and he started selling them out of his home that year. But since the Circuit Breaker, with work slowing down for all three of them, the siblings came together to work full-time on expanding the business. It’s gotten so popular that there are plans underway to open a takeaway store at Upper Thomson in January. 


The Sambal Belacan ($10 per jar)

8 Days

There are only two flavours on offer: the original Pork and Prawn Ngoh Hiang and a Mala flavoured one ($26 for a box of 20). You can also order jars of their fresh chili sambal belacan for $10 each. 

The Pork and Prawn Ngoh Hiang, $25 for 20 pcs

8 Days

Loaded with water chestnuts, minced pork, shrimp, and spring onions, these are rolled and steamed, then frozen for freshness. Yes, they arrive frozen, and to defrost, leave them in the fridge overnight. From there, you can fry them up, or even bake them in a toaster oven, to get them hot and crispy. Robustly-flavoured and homey-tasting with five-spiced pork studded generously with juicy, chunky prawns and crunchy water chestnut. Good stuff. Get this over the mushier mala-flavoured one.

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