ELLE | Just Like Ah Ma Made: Get Your Order In For These Savoury Local Foods & Snacks on IG

By Farisia Thang, ELLE on 4 March 2021

When it comes to baking, somehow ventures like banana bread, sourdough, and even Basque burnt cheesecake feel like they fall within our realm of capabilities (no matter how much of an amateur we are). But when local foods or traditional snacks come into the picture – we are more than ready to leave it in the hands of those who know best. In most cases, it’s our mothers or grandmothers. And in today’s case, IG home businesses. Whether it’s because they take the agak-agak approach to cooking or because the intimidation of recreating nostalgic flavours is enough to put us off from trying, sometimes it’s easier to buy than to make.

From Ngoh Hiang to Sio Bak, here are 13 local foods and snacks have that “just like Ah Ma made” familiarity to them.

ELLE Cai Eats Ngoh Hiang Sambal Belacan Ah Ma Savoury Local Foods Snacks IG

Cai Eats

Homegrown by three siblings, they grew up with their grandmas' cooking. Their Ngoh Hiang is a mix of minced pork, prawns, chunky (and crunchy) water chestnuts, spring onion, and Chinese celery. Another detail to note is that their Ngoh Hiangs are made without five-spice powder, and their sambal belacan is Hainanese-Peranakan.

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